Monday, May 20, 2013


By Jill Williamson

About the book:
One choice could destroy them all. When eighteen-year-old Levi returned from Denver City with his latest scavenged finds, he never imagined he'd find his village of Glenrock decimated, loved ones killed by enforcers, and many---including his fiancee, Jem--taken captive. Now alone, Levi is determined to rescue what remains of his people, even if it means entering the Safe Land, a walled city that seems anything but safe. Omar knows he betrayed his brother by sending him away to Denver City, but helping the enforcers was necessary. Living off the land like nomads and clinging to an outdated religion holds his village back. The Safe Land has protected people since the plague decimated the world generations ago ... and its rulers have promised power and wealth beyond Omar's dreams. Meanwhile, Jem is locked in a cell, awaiting the Safe Landers' plan to protect their future by seizing her own. Can Levi uncover the truth hidden behind the Safe Land's facade before it's too late?

My thoughts:
Jill Williamson always describes her books as weird and they are in an amazing way. She creates her own world and hands you a one way ticket when you open one of her books.

"Captives" is fascinating. The Safe Lands is where "Captives" is set and It is described with vivid beauty. Each character has their own dialogue and story. For that reason it can start out a little hard to keep track of and understand but once you grasp the jist it's like your right there as one of them.

I don't know what else to say except that I really admire Jill's creativity along with the depth and complexity of her plots. The have to take so much work and she doesn't slouch, she creates a universe as vivid as the colors on the cover of her book.

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Rating: 5 carats

Friday, May 17, 2013

Top Five Friday- Flowers

Top Five Friday is when we post our favorites, depending on topic. This week flowers
1. Roses

2. Calla Lillie's

3. Gerbera Daisies

4. Hydrangea

5. Blue bonnets

What are you favorite flowers?Huh

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet

The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet
By Stephanie Morrill

About the book:
Ellie Sweet is a lot of things—good girl, novelist, silent adorer of the new boy at school, Palmer. But when “outcast” gets added to the list, she decides it’s time to take reality into her own hands … and tweak it as needed.

In the pages of her book, she’s Lady Gabrielle, favorite of the medieval Italian court. Her once-friends are reduced to catty ladies-in-waiting, and the too-charming Palmer—who in real life never spares her a second word—gets to be nothing more than a rake wracked by unrequited love for her. She even has a perfect real-life villain in the brooding Chase, who hails from the wrong side of town.

But just when she’s getting along great in her fictional world, the real one throws her a few curves. With Chase pursuing her, Palmer wanting to date her—but in secret—and the details of her manuscript going public, Ellie suddenly receives more attention than she ever really wanted. And when her former-friends discover what she’s been writing, they’re determined to teach Ellie a lesson about the severe consequences of using her pen as her sword.

My thoughts:
The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet was an awesome read. I was never sure who I was rooting for.

Ellie was a great character, She's a teen writer letting out her angst in a book that takes her on a journey she never planned. Even when she was awkward and wanted to he invisible she had a great wit about her with a deep confidence brewing inside of her.

*i received this book free for review from Playlist Fiction*

Character connection:
Make a typewriter key bracelet likes Ellie's

Friday, May 10, 2013

Top Five Friday- toys

Top Five Friday is when we post our favorites, depending on topic. This week toys!

1. Polly pocket

2. Fashion plates

3. Barbies

4.Nano baby

5. Dear Diary

What were your favorite toys?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Couponing For the Rest of Us

Couponing for the Rest of Us
By Kasey Knight Trenum

About the book:
Kasey Knight Trenum knows what it's like firsthand. When her family's finances were in a tailspin, she gritted her teeth and gave in to the need to save. In Couponing for the Rest of Us she shows you how she learned to save hundreds of dollars every month and offers time-saving tips and tricks you can easily implement in your busy life. You'll discover

· where to find coupons for what your family eats
· how to reinvent your shopping strategy
· how to make grocery shopping less stressful-even fun!
· and much more

If you want to save money and time, this book is a gold mine.

My thoughts:
You can do it, everyone can! Yes it is possible for everyone to save money using coupons, you decide how much and which approach is suited best for you. Kasey Knight Trenum does an extremely good job providing an easy to understand, easy to follow guide to saving money using coupons. Kasey goes step-by-step through the entire process suggesting alternate techniques then backs up her suggestions with a host of support lists as well as her online blog which can provides real-time help and information to anyone wishing to take advantage of it. One of the best parts of this book is Kasey teaches how everyone can use what she has learned and turn it into a ministry of giving to others.

*Available May 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.*

Rating: 5 carats

Friday, May 3, 2013

Top Five Friday- Games

Top Five Friday is when we post our favorites, depending on topic

1.Apples to Apples

2. Candy Land

3. DreamPhone

4. Babysitters club game

5. Pictionary

What have been your favorite games?