Friday, February 22, 2013

Top Five Friday- shows from when I was a kid

Top Five Friday is when we post our favorites, depending on topic.

1. Boys Meets World

2. Full House

3. Saved By the Bell

4. The Nanny

5. Family Matters

Monday, February 18, 2013

Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect
By Janice Thompson

About the book:
Known for her contagious humor and cast of quirky characters, Janice Thompson gives her fans more of the bridal business drama in a brand-new series all about those long-suffering people who make beautiful weddings happen. Picture Perfect is the first in the new series and brings our favorite character, Bella, back in a big way, while introducing new characters readers will love. Fans will laugh out loud as they experience this breezy and entertaining novel from a great storyteller.
Feisty wedding photographer Hannah McDermott has dealt with her share of difficult brides. But none can compare to the ultimate Bridezilla she's dealing with now. Still, she's trying desperately to impress Bella Neeley, Galveston Island's most sought-after wedding planner, so she can take the top spot in Bella's list of recommended photographers--a spot currently occupied by her arch-rival, Drew Kincaid. What she doesn't count on, however, is falling head over heels for the competition.

My thoughts:
"Picture Perfect" is a continuation of Janice Thompson's "Weddings By Bella" series which I haven't read yet but am now interested. Janice Thompson has such a lighthearted, quirky style that's a breath of fresh air.

Hannah McDermott is determined to stop living a life of almost accomplishing her dreams by snagging a big recommendation by a celebrity client and going after her dream job. What she doesn't expect is to fall head over heels for the man who currently holds the job. What's a girl to do?

*i received this book free for review from Revell Publishers*

"Available February 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

Rating: 5 carats

Friday, February 15, 2013

Top Five Friday- children's books.

Top Five Friday is when we post our favorites, depending on topic. This week children's books.

1. Eloise

2. Bernstien bears

3. Amelia Bedelia

4. The Babysitters Club

5. American Girl

What are your favorite children's books?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Interview with Sandra Byrd

Wrapping up the of digital release of Sandra Byrd's French Twist Series, I was able to interview her.

1. In the books Lexi is trying to figure out how to be herself now that she's not in school anymore. What advice would you give those going through that transition?

That transitions are a normal, and regular, part of life, after school and in every age thereafter. It's almost like a bike riding analogy. Life is a bike ride: some flat roads, some uphill, some down, and we have to be willing to switch gears —transition—regularly. Sometimes it seems as though a flat, even road with no change in speed or direction would be easier, and I suppose it would be, but it would not be much of an adventure.

Lexi got to the wonderful view at the top of the hill by being willing to pedal up it. When I yield into the inevitable changes in my life, and then own them, and then command and make them my own, I am most happy. I am hoping my readers will be willing to yield, but also find their dream and follow it. God cares about our dreams, too. They just might not come about in the way we first envisioned them.

2.Which character interested you most while writing?

I think they all interest me in some way, and that's not a cop out! Lexi, as the point of view character, is the one I am closest to, because I "become" her as I am writing. We all go through periods of, "What now?" during the course of life, and not just after schooling. Does God care? Was the promise that if I worked hard I'd make a go of it all just a hoax? Can I really do the thing I love, even if it's not traditional? Those are questions I wrestle(d) with too, so it was fun to explore the answers though her.

3. Are we going to be seeing any more of this style writing from you?

I think so, yes. I would love to write a wedding novella to cap off this series and hope to do that this year, perhaps. Then at some time I plan to come back and publish more contemporary cooking/romance novels. They are fun to create - and we eat well while I am writing! Must keep gym membership current!

4. You are finishing up just current series, Ladies in Waiting, this summer. Is there anything in the works from you after that?

My next traditionally published series will be Gothic Romance set in Victorian England, and the first book will be out next year. I can't wait! It is fun to write a more romantic thread, and while I love Tudor England I will say that Victorian England has just as many reading charms.

The Kindle edition of Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd is free February 10-14! Bon Apetit and Piece De Resistance, books two and three are 99 cents!

Let Them Eat Cake:

Piece de Resistance:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Piece de Resistance

Piece De Resistance
By Sandra Byrd

About the book:
Having earned her chef’s hat, Lexi Stuart bids ‘au revoir’ to her glamorous and deliciously satisfying pastry mentorship outside of Paris and returns home to Seattle, Washington.
In Seattle Lexi finds life unexpectedly complicated when she is put in charge of the high-end catering bakery, Bijoux. The bakery should be her dream job but there’s a catch: Lexi has to make this lavish bakery into a successful business in a few short months which will require more than an ability to make amazing wedding cakes. Stir into the mix a complicated relationship with her French beau Philippe and his daughter, Celine, add a dash of romance with a down-to-earth lawyer and life suddenly contains more ooh la la than Lexi can handle.

‘Piece de Resistance’ is the last and best part of a meal. Sandra Byrd’s novel of the same name doesn’t disappoint. As the heroine Lexi Stuart excitedly returns to her hometown, fulfilling her dream of running a high-end catering bakery, she is quickly splattered with cake batter from an out of control mixer. Lexi soon is led to examine where she has placed her faith and is left wondering if her dreams are as exquisitely ooh la la as she hoped.

Piece de Resistance is a rare novel which leaves you sad it has come to an end. You finish craving more, more of the French sweets, sights and sounds intermingled throughout the pages. The book is filled with enticing scenes and yummy recipes to delight the senses.

*I received this book free for review from the author*

The Kindle edition of Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd is free February 10-14! Bon Apetit and Piece De Resistance, books two and three are 99 cents!

Let Them Eat Cake:

Piece de Resistance:

Rating: a whole gem parcel

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bon Apetit

Bon Apetit
By Sandra Byrd
About the book:
Lexi Stuart is risking it all. Saying au revoir to the security of home, her job, and could-be boyfriend Dan, Lexi embarks on a culinary adventure in France to fulfill her life dream of becoming a pastry chef.
As she settles into her new home in the village of Presque le Chateau to study and work in a local bakery, her twenty-something optimism meets resistance in the seemingly crusty nature of the people and culture around her. Determined to gain her footing, she finds a church, meets a new friend, and makes the acquaintance of a child named Celine–as well as Celine’s attractive, widowed father, Philippe. Even Patricia, the gruff pastry cook, shows a softer side as she mentors Lexi in the art of baking.
As Lexi lives her dream, the only thing she has to do is choose from the array in life’s patisserie display window: her familiar home, friends, and family in Seattle or her new life in France. Lexi discovers that as she leans more on God the choices become a little clearer– and making them, well, c’est la vie!
My thoughts:

In Bon Apetit, book two of the French Twist Series, Lexi has now moved to France in order to pursue her chefs hat. She arrives with stars in her eyes and is surprised at the difficulty she ha adjusting to the coldness of the French people, school with some less than truthful students, and being so far away from home. Through this time Lexi is driven further to look for God for guidance and fulfillment.

Sandra Byrd does an amazing job of bringing France and Lexi's surroundings to life like she dropped up into the center of Paris.

The Kindle edition of Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd is free February 10-14! Bon Apetit and Piece De Resistance, books two and three are 99 cents!

Let Them Eat Cake:

Piece de Resistance:

*I received this book free for review from the author*
Rating: a whole gem parcel

Monday, February 11, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake
By Sandra Byrd
About the book:
Lexi Stuart is at a critical crossroads. She’s done with college but still living at home, ready to launch a career but unable to find a job, and solidly stalled between boyfriends.
When a lighthearted conversation in French with the manager of her favorite bakery turns into a job offer, Lexi accepts. But the actual glamour is minimal: the pay is less than generous, her co-workers are skeptical, her bank account remains vertically-challenged, and her parents are perpetually disappointed. Her only comfort comes from the flirtatious baker she has her eye–but even may not be who he seems to be!
So when a handsome young executive dashes into the bakery to pick up his high profile company’s special order for an important meeting–an order Lexi has flubbed–she loses her compulsion to please. Something inside Lexi clicks. Laissez la révolution commencer! Let the revolution begin! Instead of trying to fulfill everyone else’s expectations for her life, Lexi embarks on an adventure in trusting herself and her God with her future–très bon!
My thoughts:
I'm so excited to see The French Twist series being digitally re-released. Don't you just love the new cover? This series is one of my favorite series it all time. It's relatable, lighthearted, and introspective.

Lexi Staurt feels stuck in life and behind everyone else her. After sending out numerous resumes Lexi is offered a job at a French Bakery. A job that she will love but a job that isn't prestigious, doesn't utilize her degree, and doesn't pay enough for her to get her own apartment. Following her heart Lexi takes the job and little by little learns about herself, her family, her relationship with The Lord. She begins to see that maybe she does had what it takes to follow her dreams.

The Kindle edition of Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd is free February 10-14! along with books two and three for .99!
 Let Them Eat Cake:

 Bon Appetit:

 Piece de Resistance:

*I received this e-book free from the author*
Rating: a whole gem parcel

Friday, February 8, 2013

Top Five Friday- American Cities to Visit

Top Five Friday is when we post our favorites, depending on topic- American Cities to visit.

1. New York City, NY

2. Nashville, TN

3. Honolulu, Hi

4. San Diego, Co

5. Boston, MA

What cities do you want to visit?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Out of Time

Out of Time
By C.J. Darlington

About the book:
A busy woman blindly rushing through a grocery store.

A hard-working man with a pink slip.

A desperate teen girl who has a terrible secret.

All are running out of time, and the choices they make will change their lives forever.

Each story is approximately 1200 words in length.

My Thoughts:
Out of Time is a collection of three short stories that makes you stop and think are we to focused on ourselves? Each story was almost like a parable that could be used for Bible study.
Out of Time is a quick read and great for when you want to step outside of yourself.

*I received this book free for review from the author*

Rating : 5 carats

Buy the book
Visit C.J.'s website

Friday, February 1, 2013

Top Five Friday- stranded on an island

Top Five Friday is when we post our favorites, depending on topic. You're stranded on an island. What five foods would you want with you?

1. peanut butter

2. chocolate

3. kettle corn

4. Strawberries

5. Sweet potatoe Fries

What foods would you want on an island?