Saturday, May 8, 2010

Peculiar Treasures

Peculiar Treasures by Robin Jones Gunn

After attending her best friend’s wedding Katie Weldon begins to wonder about her own life. As she juggles her friendships, her sort-of boyfriend, Rick, ponders whether to take a job as a Resident Advisor, and contemplates declaring a major, Katie starts to constantly question what she is doing with her life and where she wants to go.

This is the first book in the Katie Weldon series and is a continuation of the Christy Miller and Sierra Jenson series by Robin Jones Gunn. I've only read a little bit of the Christy Miller series but I can definitely see how these characters have grown in depth and become more dimensional as they have progressed through college.

Katie is sweet and relatable to almost any 20-something girl who has wondered about life. Robin Jones Gunn has a fantastic way of lightheartedly and captivatingly sweeping you up into her stories, leaving your heart filled with warmth. I think the only way to describe her writing is from a quote in the middle of the book, "What I appreciate about you is your freshness and honesty. You say things I would never think of saying and you say them in a way that makes me think."

There is nothing peculiar about this treasure!

Favorite Line:
"I wonder if being willing is a just as good in God's eyes as being ready. Especially since it’s kind of difficult to be ready when you don't even know where you're going in the morning."

Rating: 5 carats

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