Monday, January 10, 2011

From Head to Foot

From Head to Foot
By Annie Downs

About the book:
From Head to Foot is a candid, easy-to-read guide that uses real-life examples and faith-based instruction to equip Christian girls with the confidence, faith and moxie they’ll need to face their teen and college years.

My review:
From Head to Foot is a devotional style, introspective little book that’ll leave you pondering how you can serve God better.

Annie’s transparent honesty is refreshing, incredible, and takes so much courage you know she has learned the lessons she is teaching. In the beginning of the book Annie mentions that she wants to be your friend and it only takes a few pages before you feel like she is exactly that.

So many places you hear about the need to love yourself for who God has made you yet not many give tangible steps. Annie lists the steps she took to learn to love herself as God made her and serve Him to the best of her ability. From Head to Foot is a little guidebook to loving yourself and exploring ways to serve the Lord with what He has given you.

Favorite line:

“If you’ve protected your heart and allowed God to fill it with His plans and love, then you can trust your desires.”

Rating: a whole gem parcel!!
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