Monday, April 11, 2011

Flying Solo

Flying Solo
By Denise Hildreth Jones

About the book:
For one year following her painful divorce, Denise Hildreth chronicled every emotion, every new discovery and every moment of God’s unyielding presence. Flying Solo, the diary of that roller-coaster year, begins on the day Denise sat in court to hear a judge end her 13-year marriage and follows her through 12 months of soul-searching, heartbreak and healing.

With vivid stories, raw emotion and unwavering honesty, Denise opens a window for divorced or divorcing readers to breathe in the fresh air of God’s Spirit. For, among many surprises in store for Denise during her first year of flying solo, one of the most startling was this: God desires to be with us through our pain. She writes, “Flying solo isn’t about being alone. It is about living a life that may hurt at times, wound at times, betray at times; but there is still an incredible unobstructed view of heaven, and an opportunity to discover God in the middle of it.” Readers struggling to stay afloat in the wake of a marriage’s end will hear from a fellow traveler that they don’t have to settle for treading water . . . they can learn to fly.

My Thoughts:

“Flying Solo” has so much to offer! It is Denise’s journal through the first year after her divorce as she rediscovers what makes her feel alive, learns about who God is, and seeks His will for her new life. There are moments of deep sorrow as well as moments of great joy and laughter. There is also a lot of talk from her counseling sessions and each chapter concludes with questions and exercises relating to the content of the chapter for readers to work through on their own journeys, whatever they may be.

Denise Hildreth-Jones is honest and transparent throughout the entire book making it easy to see God working in her life and healing her heart. All and all I thought this was a great book and one I didn’t want to put down yet at the same time one to really spend time with thinking through the questions and lessons.

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Favorite Line:

“But you can’t move on from your memories until you have new ones in place.”

Rating: a whole gem parcel!
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