Monday, May 16, 2011

An Object of Beauty

An Object of Beauty
By Steve Martin

About the book:
A captivating presence who naturally draws in everyone around her, Lacey Yeager appears on the New York art scene as a clever and funny young intern at Sotheby’s. With her charm, ambition, and questionable and sometimes illegal tactics, she climbs the cultural ladder, step by step, and moves from cataloging paintings to success in the labyrinthine and mysterious art world. Her knowledge of art and art collectors quickly grows, and the list of men she enchants and inevitably destroys grows right alongside it. Her rise to the highest tiers of the city’s social life parallel the soaring heights—and, at times, the dark lows—of the art world and the country from the early 1990s through today.

My Reveiew:
I thought this book would be funny. It wasn't. It wasn't anything I would expect from Steve Martin.

This is really a story of misplaced values and greed. Lacey Yegar is fresh out of college and begins to work in the art world. Lacey quickly learns how too much money can lead to lies and deception.

A person who loves art and art history will probably like this book the best because it is rich with art descriptions and history yet other than that the plot is weak. Lacey, although smart, seems rather cold and aimless. It felt like I was waiting for Lacey to have some sort of breakthrough but with all that happened around her, Lacey remained unchanged and dull.

*I received this audiobook free for review from Hachette Book Group
Rating: 3 carats
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