Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sunrise on the Battery

Sunrise on the Battery
By Beth Webb Hart
Now that she’s arrived at the ultimate address, can Mary Lynn’s view of the harbor – and success – satisfy the deeper longings of her heart?
After decades of carefully working their way up the social ladder, Mary Lynn and Jackson Scoville are living their dream: a life of luxury and ease in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. Jackson made a small fortune selling low country real estate, so now the couple is determined to provide for their three daughters the life they both longed for as kids.
But lately the long-forgotten God of Mary Lynn’s childhood has been trying
to get her attention in ways so unusual that she can no longer deny His presence. When she prays for Jackson to open his heart to God, something radical happens. Jackson has a dramatic conversion that leads to street witnessing, giving away money, and inviting less-than-reputable people into their home.
Starring out into the harbor, Mary Lynn ponders whether or not she is willing to give up her life of luxury to join Jackson in his new-found faith. What would it look like to go “all out” for God…to allow Him to lead their family regardless of the cost? Just when Mary Lynn felt she had all the desires of her heart – she finds herself being called into a much bigger story of true faith and love.

My Thoughts:
"Sunrise on The Battery" is a very thought-provoking book. Mary Lynn has every material thing she could ever want. She joins a Bible study, has a change of heart, and begins praying for the same in her husband, Jackson.

As the story unfolds Jackson's change of heart becomes more than Mary Lynn bargained for. Mary Lynn begins to question whether material wealth can offer as much as strong conviction.

Beth Webb Hart paints a vivid picture of Charleston, South Carolina while she weaves a heavy story that stays with you after the book is closed.

* I received this book free for review from Thomas Nelson Publishers*

Rating: 4 carats

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