Monday, June 11, 2012

Stress Point

Stress Point
by Sarah Francis Martin
About the book:
Want to ditch the drama and thrive through your twenties?
Body image. Friendships. Career. Money. Dating. All these issues and more serve as points of stress for the 20-something woman, and combined they can make for a decade of drama in a girl’s life. Sarah Francis Martin is the slightly older girlfriend who’s been there, done that, and got the not-so-cute t-shirt. Through this interactive Bible study, Sarah helps young adult women address each stress point by encouraging them to wait on the Lord, worship Him, and make Him the focus of their lives.
In Stress Point you will:
Find interactive chapters covering ten stress points for the 20-something woman
Dig through Scripture to apply truth to each stress point
Engage with real, raw, and relevant stories from girlfriends just like you
Journal through each chapter to engage with God in a meaningful way
Interact with Sarah through her video blogs for each chapter
Connect with your girlfriends in a Stress Point Survival Group; leader guide included
My Thoughts:
This is such a unique book, from the way the journal is formatted to the beautiful background pictures and the simple fact there aren't many books geared towards woman in their twenties. Stress Point is a winner.
I was so excited to start reading it because I have followed the She seeks ministry Sarah writes for since it's beginning and this book goes write along with their weekly devotional themes and videos. As I read it I felt like I could see Sarah sitting in front of her webcam talking to all of us as she does in her frequent Thursday vlogs.
Although the title is Stress Point and is geared at eliminating the drama of our twenties the theme isn't stress at all but putting your life and focus in God's hands whatever area of your life you are feeling stress.

* I received this book free for review from Thomas Nelson Publishers* Favorite Quote:
" God knows your dreams, but He wants to be your one and only wish"

Come back Friday for an interview with Sarah
Rating: 5 carats

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