Thursday, February 14, 2013

Interview with Sandra Byrd

Wrapping up the of digital release of Sandra Byrd's French Twist Series, I was able to interview her.

1. In the books Lexi is trying to figure out how to be herself now that she's not in school anymore. What advice would you give those going through that transition?

That transitions are a normal, and regular, part of life, after school and in every age thereafter. It's almost like a bike riding analogy. Life is a bike ride: some flat roads, some uphill, some down, and we have to be willing to switch gears —transition—regularly. Sometimes it seems as though a flat, even road with no change in speed or direction would be easier, and I suppose it would be, but it would not be much of an adventure.

Lexi got to the wonderful view at the top of the hill by being willing to pedal up it. When I yield into the inevitable changes in my life, and then own them, and then command and make them my own, I am most happy. I am hoping my readers will be willing to yield, but also find their dream and follow it. God cares about our dreams, too. They just might not come about in the way we first envisioned them.

2.Which character interested you most while writing?

I think they all interest me in some way, and that's not a cop out! Lexi, as the point of view character, is the one I am closest to, because I "become" her as I am writing. We all go through periods of, "What now?" during the course of life, and not just after schooling. Does God care? Was the promise that if I worked hard I'd make a go of it all just a hoax? Can I really do the thing I love, even if it's not traditional? Those are questions I wrestle(d) with too, so it was fun to explore the answers though her.

3. Are we going to be seeing any more of this style writing from you?

I think so, yes. I would love to write a wedding novella to cap off this series and hope to do that this year, perhaps. Then at some time I plan to come back and publish more contemporary cooking/romance novels. They are fun to create - and we eat well while I am writing! Must keep gym membership current!

4. You are finishing up just current series, Ladies in Waiting, this summer. Is there anything in the works from you after that?

My next traditionally published series will be Gothic Romance set in Victorian England, and the first book will be out next year. I can't wait! It is fun to write a more romantic thread, and while I love Tudor England I will say that Victorian England has just as many reading charms.

The Kindle edition of Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd is free February 10-14! Bon Apetit and Piece De Resistance, books two and three are 99 cents!

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