Sunday, March 3, 2013

Next Door Savior

Next Door Savior
By Max Lucado
About the book:
We applaud men for doing good things.
We enshrine God for doing great things.
But what about a man who does God things?
One thing is certain. We can't ignore him. If these moments are factual, if the claim of Christ is actual, then he was, at once, man and God.
New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado shows readers why they need a God-man Savior. A just-God Jesus could make them, but not understand them. A just-man Jesus could love them, but never save them. But a God-man Jesus?
Near enough to touch. Strong enough to trust. A next door Savior.
My thoughts:
Just saying a book is by Max Lucado is enough to make some people read it. Many have come to see him as an extraordinary pastor and teacher. "Next Door Savior" is no exception.
The book is divided into two parts the first, No Person He Won't Touch, and the second, No Place He Won't Go. No Person He Won't Touch explores lives in the Bible Christ touched. Showing circumstances they went through and how Christ changed them. Max Lucado explains that if christ can do that for them He can do it for you too. No Place He Won't Go focuses on difficult places Christ went and how He calls each of us to go places for Him.
This book is an encouraging example of how God is near to us and as Max Lucado says, right next door, if we turn to him.
*I received this e- book free for review from Thomas Nelson Publishers*
Rating: 5 carats

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