Monday, April 8, 2013

Glass Girl

Glass Girl
By Lauren Anderson Kurk

About the book:
The ice cold fear I’d felt, not knowing if Wyatt was alive, pressed into the wall with other girls and surrounded by guys who were unspeakably brave, hit my body again in a wave. This was trauma—the gift that keeps on giving.
When Meg Kavanagh finds herself in the unthinkable role of grieving sister, she discovers some harsh truths—parents aren’t perfect, life’s not always sweet, and the dead don’t write back. Worried she might have caused Wyatt’s death, Meg folds her heart into a box. Her famous mom grieves by slowly disappearing, and her dad copes by moving them to a small town in Wyoming.
What she finds in Wyoming blindsides her.
His name is Henry, and he’s a rancher’s son who pulls Meg into his larger-than-life world and shows her that being sensitive is not an excuse to sit this one out. Meg wants to be brave like Henry because the best things in life—like falling in love and finding mercy—require uncommon courage. And Henry has a secret that changes everything.

My thoughts:
"Glass Girl" was amazing. Laura Anderson Kurk created a world that pulled me in. It's so emotional and though sad at times shows great strength. It's a beautiful story of empathy, love, and mercy.

Character Connection:
I couldn't help but be drawn to the earrings and the bracelet on the cover. They're beautiful. Do you want to know how to make a pair?

A tutorial on dangly flower earrings HERE

Post ones

And those bracelets!



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