Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Over

It's Over
By Laura L Smith

About the book:

How do you move on when It's Over? When four college roommates lose pieces of their lives, the pain isolates and the tension rises. Emotions are hard to hide and even harder to tackle. How can the girls move forward, when there is so much pain in letting go? Together, Claire, Kat, Palmer and Hannah learn to lean on God and each other, and through it all they learn loss is a part of life. BOOK TWO IN THE STATUS UPDATES SERIES

My thoughts:
"It's Over" continues the story of the four girls from "It's Complicated". Its Over again brings as four stories from four different perspectives and walks of life showing how we can come together and lean on friends.

Character Connection:
Hannah is always baking and has a knack for chocolate chip cookies! You can too with this recipe.É-TOLL-HOUSE-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies/detail.aspx

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