Monday, November 25, 2013

Speak Love

Speak Love
By Annie F. Downs

About the book:
You’ve heard, ‘Think before you speak’ a hundred times, and probably shrugged it off just like that other insightful phrase, ‘Your face will freeze like that if you’re not careful.’ But unlike a facial expression, our words do stick around. Which means everything you say—from what tell your friends, whisper about your enemies, post online, mutter to yourself, or even say to the celebrity you ran into at the coffee shop—carries a whole lot of power. The question is, are you ready to use that power to make a real difference? Because the truth is, you could be part of the first generation who uses their words to build up and not tear down, and even kill the mean girl mentality. Through very funny stories, Scripture, and a real understanding of the good, bad, and ugly ways we can use our words, Annie Downs explores the difference you can make when you speak love to others, to God, and even to yourself. Because when you speak love, you speak life. And that’s what matters.

My thoughts:

I love Annie Downs. Her blog, her books, her tweets. All of it, she is real and relatable. I don't know how to describe "Speak Love." Its awesome and something we don't see often. The best way to talk about it is to let Annie herself as she did so wonderfully through the enter month of October posting about ways to speak love everyday.

31 Ways to Speak Love

Rating: a whole gem parcel

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