Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seeing Through Stones

Seeing Through Stones
By Rajdeep Paulus

About the book:
"I live in the in between. Between yesterday and forever. The way forward haunts me. The gap I must cover daunts me. And hope beckons, ‘Run to me,’ but I just learned to walk." After a lifetime of abuse, the Vanderbilt siblings flee their home, finally free to pursue new dreams while running from yesterday’s nightmares. Once bed-ridden Jesse navigates the Chicago streets, concealing his identity and planning revenge. A chance encounter in the rain introduces a girl who offers Jesse a glimpse of a sunnier future, but how will he weather the growing storm inside himself? Separated from her Post-it note prince, Talia hides at a safe house for survivors of domestic violence while her father turns the city upside-down to find her. Surrounded by women fighting their own demons, Talia faces her past at every turn.

My thoughts:
It's not easy to write a sequel picking up where you left off but Rajdeep Paulus pulled it off in "Seeing through Stones". She seamlessly wove the continuing story lines into another emotional and sometimes chilling story. This time told from two perspectives, Jess and Talia.

I really liked seeing more of a glimpse into Jesse and his feelings towards things. Talia continues to blossom through the book and take a few more courageous steps.

If you liked "Swimming through Clouds" you'll love "Seeing through Stones" just as much.

Talia dreaming in a blue dress inspired by Cristian siriano

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