Thursday, March 25, 2010

Never Say Never

Never Say Never by Lisa Wingate

For her 70th birthday Donetta Bradford decides to step out of her small town life in Daily, Texas and go on a cruise with her three best friends. On their way to the Texas coast they encounter bottlenecked roads from everyone trying to get out of town. After their car breaks down they stop at a gas station and see a giant hurricane is headed right towards Texas where they were supposed to leave for the cruise.

Kai Miller never had a normal life. She grew up moving from town to town as her father tried to make it as a musician. Never having put down roots and never knowing how to stay in one place for too long, Kai takes a job on a cruise ship. After accidently oversleeping Kai goes to work only to find out her cruise ship left post early because a major hurricane is on its way. Kai evacuates but runs out of gas and stops at a gas station to find three ladies stranded and offers to take them along to get out of the way of the hurricane.

Each chapter switches between the points of view of Kai and Donetta. This frequently became confusing because they both were first person points of view and I had to mentally remember who was narrating each chapter.

Although the southern drawl of Donnetta and her friends spelled out phonetically was sometimes amusing, at times it was hard too because it didn’t flow easily. Donetta’s points of view were filled with wonderful southern metaphors and similes.

All in all the book felt very long and drawn out moving slowly like Texas tumbleweed on a calm day. However, the book culminated with a sweet ending which put a smile on my face.
Review copy provided by Bethany House Publishers

Favorite Line:
“Maybe life is a balancing act between the things you choose and the things you sacrificed.”

Rating: 3 carats

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