Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Revolve 2010

Revolve 2010

Revolve 2010 is the New Contemporary Version of the New Testament formatted like a magazine (coined a biblezine) and aimed at teenage girls.

Revolve is separated into three sections: The Gospels and Acts, which consists of books Matthew through Acts; Letters from Paul including Romans through Philemon; and Letters to Everyone filled with Hebrews through Revelation. Each section includes complete books of the Bible interspersed with quizzes, real life stories, fashion and beauty tips, and interviews with Christian celebrities such as Jodrin Sparks and Cody Linley.

A surprise I found at the top or bottom of most pages was a verse in the form of a text message. I like this idea, I mean who wouldn’t want a text message from God although I think using text lingo made it a little hard to understand what the verse was all about.

Scattered throughout the biblezine are “good book” profiles similar to a facebook profile of women throughout the Bible. These profiles have a quick reference to where each woman was from, what things each were involved in, and who each was married to. These profiles are a cool way to relate to what it may be like to know each woman if she were here today. The profiles allow the readers to get to know these women on a more personal level.

The biblezine also contains a few blog posts explaining varied Bible stories in inspiring, modern language much like you would tell a story in Sunday school. I enjoyed seeing how these stories can relate to things going on today.

Review copy provided by Thomas Nelson
Rating: 4 carats

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