Monday, July 26, 2010

Asking For Trouble

Asking For Trouble
By Sandra Byrd
If adjusting to a new school wasn’t enough, Savannah Smith had to adjust to a new school in an entirely different country. Once Savannah’s family moved to England her friends from Seattle moved too - moved on with life without her! Savannah could feel nothing but left out. Determined to make her new life as fun as it was in the United States, Savannah sets out to find exactly what she can do to fit in. Will it be the art club? The Science club? Gymnastics club? What about the school newspaper with the cute editor-in-chief, Jack? Savannah has always dreamed of being a journalist and just knows this must be it. Some things are easier said than done. Can Savannah fulfill her dreams, make new friends, and stay true to her faith?

Sandra Byrd has written another winner combining faith, fashion, friendships, and the struggles of everyday life into a fun read with compelling characters and dashes of British culture. My favorite part of the book is how relatable Savannah is. As I read the book I could sense the frustration and confusion Savannah experienced striving to find her place in England while sticking to her values. There isn’t much I did not like about this book. I would have enjoyed more information on Savannah’s life and friendships back in Seattle to understand why she felt so out of place in England. Cheerio!

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Rating: 4 carats

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