Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Faith Dare

The Faith Dare
By Debbie Alsdorf

About the Book:
Debbie Alsdorf wants women to experience the radically transforming difference that 30 days can make in their lives. It’s what she calls the Faith Dare, in which she challenges women to develop the habit of focusing on God and living out their faith in every situation for 30 days.

Alsdorf, a popular author, speaker and ministry leader, equips women to undertake this 30-day challenge in her new book, The Faith Dare. To cultivate a lifestyle of daily, passionate faith, she helps readers learn, day by day, to develop habits that will help them connect intimately to God.

Every day, readers will be challenged to go deeper. Examples of the daily dares include:

o Dare to live in the miracle of who you are.

o Dare to believe in God’s power in all circumstances.

o Dare to surrender to the process of change.

o Dare to speak praise, sing praise, and live with confidence in God.

Readers will also learn practical ways of applying God’s Word to their own lives, whether it’s in their personal relationship with God, learning to surrender to self, or living out God’s love to others.

With a personalized study guide, including daily readings, affirmations and challenges, Alsdorf’s 30-day challenge helps readers learn to live out their faith like never before and discover the incredible difference 30 days can make.

My Review:

In the first chapter of The Faith Dare Debbie writes, “The goal of this book is to look at life the way the Bible shows us.” Part one of the book explains what faith is, the common places we put our faith and questions to identify where our faith is. She then talks how God uses trials to test and strengthen our faith explaining placing our faith in the right person, God; we can learn to have peace through trials.

Part Two is the Thirty Day Faith Dare Challenge. Each day has a new challenge beginning with a short devotional writing and prayer/praise passage. Debbie then writes a Biblical truth pertaining to faith and goes on to explain what the Bible passage means. After that Debbie list a few dares to try throughout the day ranging from questions to ask yourself to activities like taking a walk specially paying attention to the scenery and wildlife around you. Wrapping up the day is a section to journal three things how the day’s truth spoke to you, what God is asking you to do, and what your challenge is to do. Debbie then closes with a prayer and a new belief to apply throughout the day.

Just reading the introductory chapters I was hooked and really anticipating the 30-day dare. Debbie writes what faith is, how our faith is tried, and common struggles we all have with faith. Yet she doesn’t just tell you, she gives you specific examples to explore where your faith is at. Debbie also breaks down what Bible verses mean and makes them easy to understand and apply. Often times she’ll quote the same verse then list different translations of the verse. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a book before.

Taking the time to do the dare and truly absorb what Debbie talks about has the ability to really teach and strengthen your faith. The only downfall I really see is that there is a lot of content focused on each day. When you have a busy life you may be tempted to speed through it. I think it would be best broken down maybe into weeks or smaller parts over a longer period. Debbie does state in the opening chapter that if feel you need to take more time on one challenge than spend as much time as you need on it. Grab a copy if you dare!

Favorite Line:

“You and I cannot generate faith for very long through human determination. Determination does not equal faith. Determination is a by-product of faith; it doesn’t cause faith. God gave us His words and promises to use as gifts. Take them and let them make a difference in your life.”

Rating: gem parcel

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Rating: a whole gem parcel!


Rachelle (Rose) said...

This looks like a very good book!

Tonya said...

It's a great book, Rose! It's simply and deep at the same time