Monday, August 23, 2010

Cool Beans


Cool Beans
By Erynn Mangum
Erynn Mangum is back with her quirky sense of humor and the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee. In this book 24 year old barista, Maya Davis, is happily living life until her best friend and roommate starts dating her ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend doesn’t recognize Maya and Maya can’t bring herself to tell her best friend of the past relationship. Chaos soon consumes Maya’s thoughts and she begins to question what she knows of who God is and what He is doing in her life.

Cool Beans has a lot of similarities to Erynn’s first series, The Lauren Holbrook Series. The main characters from these books, Maya and Lauren, have very similar personalities and habits yet they are both so loveable and identifiable any similarities in the books didn’t really matter. As in the Lauren Holbrook Series, this book is peppered with chocolate, coffee, tons of movie references, and the Style Network. Even with all this fun stuff, Cool Beans is anything but shallow. Erynn does a wonderful job displaying the daily struggles of pursuing a strong, personal relationship with the Lord without preaching all the while teaching the importance of a consistent quiet time.

Cool Beans is a quick fun read causing the reader to think about the consequences of not telling the truth and keeping strong in your faith. I think Erynn Mangum is well on her way to creating a Christian chick-lit genre all her own!

Favorite Line:

“It’s the whole Mary and Martha thing. If you’re focused on what you need to get done that day or on something that is bothering you, you’re not going to get anything out of your Bible reading. But if you focus on the words in front of you and pray for the ability to see beyond the page into how the words can make a difference in your life, you’ll get a whole lot more out of it.”

Rating: 5 carats
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