Monday, August 30, 2010

We interupt this regularly scheduled book review...

A few weeks ago after I posted my review on His Princess Girl Talk with God, Christiana from Life of a Minister’s Wife left a comment about a similar series from her blog. Christiana asked if I would review her series and I am excited to so! Without further ado:

On a recent missions trip Christiana taught a Bible study to youth group girls of viewing themselves as daughters of the King. In this four part series on her blog, Christiana chronicles what she taught the girls, their reactions to her questions, and how to better see ourselves as the princesses we are.

The series has four parts:

1. Evaluation - evaluating how we see ourselves

2. Comparison - comparing how we see ourselves to how see princesses

3. Identification - Identifying who God is and who God says we are

4. Application - Applying who God says we are to how we see ourselves

I enjoyed this four part series and although it is aimed at younger girls, I think woman of any age can relate to all four parts. It is extremely easy to see only the negative and, as Christiana points out, compare ourselves to others regardless if the comparison is to a fairy princess or someone we see at the store.

Once we have established how we see and compare ourselves, Christiana does a great job in part three of showing us who God is. There are many Biblical references to back up her points.

Part 4 is my favorite because it offers practical ways to apply the earlier lessons to our lives. Christiana draws in the movie The Princess Diaries and writes out “God’s Princess Lessons” just as Mia’s grandmother gave Mia princess lessons to shape her into the princess she was born to be! Notice how Mia never thought of herself as a princess but that’s exactly what she was!

Favorite Line:

In part one; we learned that in general most women are critical and negative about themselves. In part two, we learned that we are willing to accept princesses for who they should be and are not critical about them—generally speaking. Next we are going to look at who God is and who we are in relation to Him.

Rating: 5 carats

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