Monday, October 18, 2010

Through Thick and Thin

Through Thick and Thin
By Sandra Byrd

Through Thick and Thin is the second book in Sandra Byrd's London Confidential series,(read the review of Asking For Trouble) Savannah Smith is starting to settle into her new life near London, England and soon sees the opportunity she has been waiting for - a chance to write a column for the school newspaper. Savvy carefully plots out her plan of action and is determined to execute it but when things start to unravel she is forced to choose between her family and friends or her dream job.

I really liked digging deeper into Savvy's life. Her biggest struggle was wanting to liked with real friends however it seems as though having people like her comes at a price which causes Savvy to dislike herself and hurt some people she cares deeply for.

Sandra Byrd did a great job of showing Savvy's challenges of going after her dreams and staying true to who she is while throwing in dashes of British culture and fashion.

Favorite Line:

"Chic through thick and thin."

Rating: 5 carats
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