Monday, June 6, 2011


By Robin Jones Gunn

About the book:
This book includes a short story about Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen. In the note below, Robin explains the re-release of this frequently requested novella.

“Rediscovered” is such a great word. It makes me think of that happy moment that comes when you open a suitcase and out tumbles a tiny shell you picked up on the beach on your last vacation.

My husband and I recently moved. In the middle of the packing of my old nest I found the original floppy disc where I stored this book when I first wrote it in 1995. It was a lovely rediscovery moment. My agent and I agreed that this book went out of print too soon. The team at Waterbrook/ Multnomah Publishers jumped onboard and agreed to make “Departures” available once again.

I think you’ll enjoy having an opportunity to pop in to see what happened with Christy and Sierra during a summer season that was full of changes for both of them. As I went through the restored manuscript while sitting in my new nest after our move, I felt as if I were visiting with old friends. The stories still bring a smile. I hope you’ll have the same experience as you read “Departures”.

My Thoughts:

In the prologue Robin Jones Gunn writes, "Rediscovered is beautiful word" as she talks about the moment she came across two stories she wrote years ago but had somehow packed away. After reading "Departures" I have to say discovered is also a beautiful word!

"Departures" is two novellas, one about Christy Miller and the other Sierra Jensen, the two characters who catapulted Robin Jones Gunn into the heart of teenage girls over 20 years ago. Now a whole new generation is discovering Christy and Sierra.

Both the stories were a lot of fun. The novellas center around the girls (Christy and Sierra) learning what to put behind them in order to grow as a person.

Robin Jones Gunn has a wonderful way of writing a fun story and wrapping in nuggets of great advice as you turn the pages just like opening a present.

After reading these two stories, I want to go back and reread the entire Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen series because their personalities and stories put a smile on my face.

Favorite Quote:

"Sierra made another mental note that while going down the river of her life, at times she would have to be still while everyone else was busy with what they were instructed to do. That didn't mean that she was being left out, but that rather, for that place and time, she was supposed to sit."

*I received this book free for review from Waterbook-Multnomah Publsihers*
Rating: 5 carats

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