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Hollywood Ending

Hollywood Ending
By Lucie Simone

About the book:
Trina Stewart needs cash. Fast. She’s barely got enough dough to keep her fanny off the streets, let alone any spending money on Sunset Strip. And her job teaching English as a Second Language is seriously lacking in both pay and glamour. But not just any job will do. She’s after a real Hollywood job. The kind that makes her $100,000 in film school debt and ten years in Tinsel Town not seem like such a big fat waste of time and money. But a girl can’t fritter away all her time fretting over her next paycheck, can she? Certainly not when a man like Matiu Wulf, a s Maori from New Zealand, parks his oh-so-fine self in the apartment above hers while he takes his best shot at Showbiz.

If only Matiu didn’t seem so… repelled by Trina. Really, though, it’s Los Angeles that Matiu finds so revolting. He’s only in L.A. to get some scene design experience to beef up his resume, and then he’s headed back to New Zealand to follow his dreams in peace, thank you very much. That’s his plan, anyway, until he falls hard for Trina…and Trina falls under the spell of a toothy-grinned wannabe actor who charms the pants right off her.

With Matiu on a mission to win Trina’s heart, and Trina on a mission to nail down that ever elusive Hollywood job, these two soon discover that when love gets tossed in the mix, life in Tinsel Town isn’t all red carpets, after parties, and celebrity gossip.

My Thoughts:

This book is a quick, glitzy read about trying to make it in the film industry all while staying true to oneself.

The main character, Trina, has a lot of spunk and is bubbling over with wit. Her quest to pay off her film school debts and decide whether or not she wants to date her neighbor, Maitu, definitely kept for a curious plot. While the main characters offered a lot to the story many of the supporting characters acted in ways which seemed forced throughout the book.

Favorite Quote:

"Even Juliet's tropic-inspired surroundings couldn't soothe the prickles beginning to form under her skin."

Rating: 3 carats
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An Interview with Lucie Simone
1. What inspired the idea for your book?
Hollywood Ending was inspired by my own experiences trying to get ahead in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. While finishing my masters at a top film school, I taught English as a Second Language, and once I graduated, I found it very difficult to actually get a job in my field. I also wanted to write a story that depicted the Hollywood that I know and love. It’s more than just celebrities! And it’s got a lot of charm, if you know where to look. Many of the characters in Hollywood Ending are also based on people in my own life, whether that be a waiter, an ex-boyfriend, or my best friend.

2. If your book were a movie, who would you want to play the main characters?
Good question! I think for Trina, I’d love to see Ginnifer Goodwin in the role. She wouldn’t even have to wear a wig since Trina sports a pixie just like Ginnifer’s. She’s super cute and sassy like Trina, but also capable of portraying real emotional depth. As for Matiu, gee, I don’t know! The producers might have to head to New Zealand for him since he’s Maori, and whomever were to portray him would have to embody all that exotic manly charm with a Kiwi accent.

3. Which character interested you most while writing?
All the major characters were really fun to write, but the one that most intrigues me now is Trina’s best friend, Juliet. She’s facing a major life change and has some issues regarding love and men that she has to work through. Luckily, I’ll get to explore her character more in depth soon because she’s getting her own book!

4. You’re in line at Starbucks, what are you ordering?
A tall, non-fat, 4-pump Chai Latte. (I like it spicy!). If I’m hungry, I might also get a piece of Very Berry Coffee Cake. Yum!

5. What are you currently working on? What is next for you?

Right now, I’m in the middle of writing my second novel, Picture Perfect, about a TV producer whose soon-to-be-ex-husband and former assistant launch a smear campaign against her, which leads to a grisly murder and targets her as the main suspect. It’s Hollywood at its most scandalous best! I also just released my short story, A Taste of Italy, for the Nook and Kindle. At 99 cents, it’s a steal!

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