Monday, November 15, 2010

Safe Haven

Safe Haven
By Nicholas Sparks

In Safe Haven the main character, Katie Feldman, moves to a small, sleepy town on the east coast determined to make it her refuge. Katie rents a small cabin and begins to work at a local restaurant. As the days go by Katie meets a kindhearted widower, Alex, with two kids and an empathetic neighbor, Jo. She slowly lets her guard down and begins to feel part of the community. Can Katie really keep her past behind her? And will her secret put those she’s drawing close to in danger as well?

This book starts out like it is going to be a sweet southern love story and I really liked it. Halfway through the point of view shifts to that of Katie’s husband, Kevin, and we are drawn into his obsessive, controlling world as he stalks around trying to find where Katie has fled to. I stopped liking the book at this point. It turns into a thriller and just isn’t my style. However anyone who likes sitting on the edge of their seat would probably really like this book. Nicholas Sparks is an amazing writer and will definitely read another one of his books.

Favorite Line:

"That he would love her no matter what she told him, and that he was the kind of man who loved her already and would love her forever."

I received this book free for review from Hachette Audio

Rating: 3 carats
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