Monday, November 29, 2010

Double Shot

Double Shot
By Erynn Magum

In the final installment of the Maya Davis series by Erynn Mangum ( read about Cool Beans and Latte Daze), Maya seems to have it all. She’s engaged to her long time best friend and now sweetheart, Jack, and everything should be just peachy, right? Wrong! Maya can’t shake her doubts and questions. What if this happens? What if that happens? When Jack is offered a once-in-a-lifetime job in Seattle Maya begins to panic even more about the future.

Sad as I was for the series to end, I think it’s the best book in the series. We really see Maya questioning what she is doing, where is going, and learning to rely on God even when things don’t go as she had hoped.

Erynn really has a knack for funny one-liners and relating the Bible to real life through her characters weekly church Bible study. I can’t wait for her next series.

Favorite Quote:

“But then again God is God. And He does have a way of changing my plans. After all, I am marrying Jack Dominguez instead of Justin Timberlake. Seventh grade was interesting.”

I received this book free for review from NavPress Publishers

Rating: 5 carats

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