Monday, November 8, 2010

She's Gone Country

She's Gone Country
By Jane Porter
After a painful divorce, Shey Lynn packs and moves to Texas from New York City to be with her family and regroup. She is left with three boys who do not want to be in Texas and her own doubt of whether she'll ever find happiness again. Conflict after conflict arises when Shey can't get along with her mother, doesn't feel comforted by her brothers, and her sons act out trying to get her to send then back to NYC. If that isn't enough she runs into Dane, her high school crush and begins to wonder what would happen if she had ended up with him.

The whole book seemed like Shey was just wandering aimlessly and even though there is a resolution in the end, it doesn't seem like Shey grew as a person or learned anything from her experiences. Shey is obviously hurt and struggling for answers but the books as a whole didn’t go anywhere or accomplish anything.

Favorite Line:

"Remembering hurts"

I received this book free for review from Hachette Book Group

Rating: 3 carats
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